Main Projects and Research

Below are the main projects I am currently working on. In the course of time, hopefully, some things will accumulate here, so that I can tell more about them, and I can write a more more suitable title. 😄

Wool Wanted Web Shop (since September 2022)

Since I am interested in web development among other things and my mother likes to knit, but has has no possibility to sell her knitwear, I decided to create a web store, on which she gets the possibility to present and sell her products.

This is still in the middle of the development process, but here the current version can be viewed.

Work at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (since September 2020)

I did a voluntary internship at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in September 2020 and since then I have been working there besides my studies with other students and scientists in the section "Dynamics of the Paleoclimate".

Data Analysis

During my work at the AWI I examine data from different climate models, cluster and teleconnection analyses based on correlations, as well as regular statistical procedures are applied. Lately I have been dealing a lot with the topic of bias correction, as I wrote my bachelor thesis in cooperation with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute.

Website development

Through my analyses, I have found pleasure in the creation of diagrams and learning content, so I had the idea to present different scientific contents in a clear way for non-scientists. Therefore i created several websites, which everybody can use for their lectures and events.

These are currently used regularly at the University of Bremen and are available here, as well as on the AWI website.

Daisyworld Orbital Theory of Ice Ages Energy Balance Models Fourcaults Pendulum Brownian Motion Random Systems Growth Model
Bachelor Thesis

Since I have been working at the AWI for a long time and have dealt with the topic of bias corrections, it was an obvious choice to write my bachelor thesis together with the AWI. It is titled: "The influence of bias corrections on variability, distribution and correlation of temperatures compared to observed and modeled climate data in Europe" and can be viewed here. Since then I'm developing tools to apply bias adjustment techniques on climatic data in C++ and Python.

The repositories of the Python and C++ implementations developed during this work are listed below:

See more ...
Work at the AI - Lab Bremerhaven (October 2021 - June 2022)
Bachelor Project

In accompaniment to the bachelor project, my fellow students and I were offered to participate as a research assistant in the european funding measure to promote artificial intelligence on a regional level.

In this project we developed an application for the robot Pepper, which is intended to be used for use as a university assistant. In addition, I set up and managed an express websever, which controls all communication between the robot Pepper and the internet. This way, content can be loaded dynamically, as well as information about conversations can be exported and saved.

Due to the corona situation it is not possible to collect data, so scripts have been created to generate dummy data, as well as different jupyter notebooks for analysis and evaluation of these. If an actual deployment of this robot takes place, these scripts can be used directly for analysis.

This bachelor project ended in April 2022, but the work at the lab continued until June because were a well-coordinated team and wanted to continue this project. So we have built the AI-Lab and its infrastructure until June 2022.

Automated Trading Algorithms (since September 2021)
Trading Bots

In September 2021 I started developing a trading bot, which follows a mixture of grid and swing strategy, but also includes selected indicators. This is now running very successfully and error-free, so that this now generates a passive income for me. Now this algorithms are running on the cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and KuCoin.

kraken pro view with bot placed orders
Web Application

Since I want to share this success with others, I had the idea to create a web application, through which others can rent my algorithm to generate profits on their accounts using api keys.

I realized very quickly that I can't get very far with a simple express application and so I started to learn about Angular and to separate the front from the backend. Besides all the security aspects, there are a lot of other things to consider, because the exchanges my bot can trade on, have limits on their endpoints, which are defined by IP-address. So far I haven't found the time to get into virtualization and scalable systems, but the web application is still in progress and can be found here: So now these algorithms are only running for me and my brother.

TradingView Indicators

Since I'm interested in trading cryptocurrencies, I couldn't get around the platform TradingView. For me, the indicators and strategies offered there for free were not enough, so I created several scripts to help me make decisions.

The following image shows the Bitcoin price in a 1h chart. My indicators automatically detect the support and resistance zones. Furthermore, trend-, MA-, and RSI-based buy and sell recommendations are marked with colored dots. Different moving averages, as well as the trend-based coloring of the candles help to classify current movements.

bitcoin chart with indicators